Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Week Check In

Exciting News!
We've made it through our first 15 days !! The total weight loss between the 3 of us is drum roll please..................

41.4 lbs !!!
Myself and two of my daughters are going through this phase together. We all feel great and are excited for these big totals! My third daughter is on the maintenance phase and lost 20lbs through her phase 2.

I am beginning to feel better with my own self-control, as I had hoped it would happen again for me this round. I guess the second time round the appetite-suppressant takes a bit longer to kick in, which was apparent for me but I found at about Day 10 the appetite suppressant started to work better for me.

Our clothes are getting bigger, but because we are continuing to loose there is no point in buying clothes that fit. This is where we need a plus size consignment store, so as we lose we can trade down our clothes.

Since February 21 2011 I have lost 47.8lbs! It feels great! It's been cool to feel smaller, and to feel my hip bones, (something I didn't know I had hahaha) I will post more photos soon

More to come....

Disappearing Diva M

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  1. Congratulations Maureen! That's a great achievement!! xo