Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Good the Bad the Ugly.... But it's the Truth!

I'm at day 28 and I have lost 17lbs this round. I started out great in this round of weight loss, losing 15lbs in 15 days. But after day 15 I could not keep control of the regimented eating plan.

Within my family we had some some stressful circumstances happen, and sadly they are still happening.
This is where I know my struggle is which is unfortunate. When stress hits, I want to look for that feeling from the endorphins that help me relax; which food create for me. I haven't gone over board with the eating every day, but haven't followed the daily protocol. This has resulted in my weight fluctuating up and down through this cycle of the HCG drops.

I have been having a pep talk with myself...
-to encourage myself to be content with the amount of weight loss...
-this is the one area in my life that I can have control... the food and the weight loss!

One thing I can say about the drops is that they work!!! Even through my lack of following the protocol, the drops still prevent me from being hungry. This is encouraging.... I just need to gain the self-control, stay focused and follow the protocol.

I will leave you with a new set of photos to show that the weight is still coming off! woo hoo!!

More to come....

Disappearing Diva M

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  1. Maureen, the fact that you have still lost 17 lbs. during an extremely stressful time in your life is a HUGE accomplishment that you should be proud of! You're looking great! You are right, any weight loss is great weight loss when you're trying to lose.