Saturday, May 7, 2011

The beginning of the weight loss

(This was written from before I officially started the blog)

I've been struggling with my weight and eating habits, well all my life. I did have some success in 2009 with losing about 50 pounds. Slowly but surely it has all returned.
Food of course is a comfort to me, and life as we all know is stressful. My personal life has hit an all time low and mama needs all the comfort she can get!
5 Kids almost half are adults, but everyone lives at home!
Their father who is battling cancer
Part time job
Full time music career
and then the day to day stress of money, cars repairs, bills etc.

As a general rule, I actually don't consume a lot of food, just not always the best choices and then with little to no exercise. I digress.
I started the HCG diet drops February 21 2011. The diet is, you take these drops 2x daily and consume only 500 calories per day. The drops are to help you to burn your own fat and keep you from feeling hungry.
On the first day of the 500 calories...I was rather hungry, and my brain screamed, THE DROPS ARE NOT WORKING!!! (The drops take 3 days to kick in)So I had to assume everything was on par. The great thing with the lack of food and the drops is that you can loose .5 to 1 pound per day.
The second day all I seemed to think about was food, which is really unlike me. But from the prompting of my friend, she just kept saying... it's only 40 can do it.
The diet allows for you to do a 26 day cycle or a 40 day. I am attempting the 40 cycle.

Second week I struggled with my body temperature, and was always cold. It only lasted a couple of days. The rest of the time was easy. I felt good, slept fairly well and did not feel a lack of energy. Even if you only have 10 lbs to lose... THIS program will work for you and it will be the easiest 10lbs you ever lose!

Disappearing Diva M

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