Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Have Got To Do Something About This Weight!

These were the thoughts rolling around in my head as performed my daily ritual of standing on the scale and seeing the numbers creep higher and higher!
My weight was "gaining" out of control, all from my mediocre eating habits, edema and lack of movement. The worse of the three for me was the lack of movement, because of the pain in my knees and heel. It was bad, and it didn't matter if I was sitting, standing or laying down... they always hurt. I suspected needing some sort of knee surgery within the next year, or needing the use of a walker. This could be a bit over-dramatic, but the pain was horrendous.

January my girlfriend told me about HCG drops. Her daughter had used them and she herself was on them having incredible weight-loss... "where do I find these?" "Ebay" she replied. I didn't feel very confident randomly picking an unknown seller and a set of these unknown drops. But happily February 21 2011 everything changed!

I went on the drops and the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet)and successfully lost 37lbs in 40 days. Easiest, Best, Quickest way I have ever lost weight.

The first week was a bit difficult to get my head around the VLCD but it changed quickly after the loss of 10lbs in my first week. From that point on, It was mind over food, which really wasn't to difficult. On the drops, I wasn't hungry, didn't have cravings and no withdrawal from sugar etc. It seemed I could resist everything, because I wanted a successful weigh in every day. This mentality worked for me. Reminding myself that it was only for 40 days... and heck, it's easy to give up something for 40 days, if you know that you are going to lose weight!

I did have before photos taken of me, but were unfortunately deleted from my camera, but being a musician, there are always pictures being taken of me.
I'm adding these before and afters...The Before is from two different shows. The After is of my birthday April 30th.... in all the photos I am wearing the same dress.

Disappearing Diva M

R: April 30 2011 L: December 17 2010

R: October 16 2010 L: April 30 2011

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  1. Barbara WashingtonMay 5, 2011 at 2:49 PM

    WOW..!!!Your pictures, before and after say it all!!!..What a testimony to the effectiveness of the drops..Your "blog" will definitely be so encouraging to others!!! ... Keep it "UP", you "GOING DOWN DIVA"...