Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ya you would think I was Vain for how many photos I've posted on this blog. But these photos are my sanity keeper.

I've lost approximately 37lbs. But when I look at myself in a mirror or some other sort of reflection device, I see the same person as I was before. This is extremely disheartening and discouraging. But when I see the difference of myself in the same dress, I CAN see these first changes. The before and after photos are what keep me going. My thoughts to you, as you bare through yet another before and after photo of me...If you ever go on this diet, or any other sort of weight loss program... do do do, the before pictures... wear your big stuff, and look all puffy and chubby! (ok fine, that was my normal "oh natural')But even if you don't like how you look now or like to take pictures... before and afters are the PROOF IN THE PUDDING...
So I do look at my current photos often to encourage myself of the success and know it's what will keep me on this diet for the next 30 days!!!!

Disappearing Diva M


  1. You can really see the difference Maureen, so by all means keep taking and posting the photos! You look beautiful!! xo

  2. Funny, in the before dresses, I THOUGHT I looked good back then... HAHAHA!