Friday, May 20, 2011

How many days left?

HA! We are only on day 5 of this phase, 25 days to go. But happily I can say I've lost 6lbs so far. (two of my daughters have started with me and have lost the same amount which equals 18lbs total!)
I seem to struggle at the beginning (some of it is to do with the high amounts of personal stress in my life)but I will try to press on through and get to Day 7. I am not feeling hungry, but still want to snack on something to give that boost to my emotions.
This is very difficult for me, and I hope that it passes, I just want to hunker down like before and stay focused on the weight loss. Last time, once we were well into the phase, we started to forget about food, weird I know, but it happened. So, I will hope that it happens again.
I would like to get to the place where eating a tasty little snack will not be the thing that gets me through a crisis, that I will look for other ways to cope.

At Christmas time I had out-grown my clothes, so I waited for the year end sale to purchase 'fitable' things. I've now out-shrunk those clothes and have bought 2 dresses 4 sizes smaller. woo hoo! One of the dresses is for a special event I have to attend at the end of June, and I would like to go with a few less pounds....
I keep the dress in view to help remind me to... STAY FOCUSED!

More to come
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  1. Keep up the good work Maureen! Keeping that new dress in view is good incentive!