Friday, May 13, 2011

And The Battle Begins!!

I received my shipment of drops 2 days ago, and promptly sent out two orders to friends of mine who want to do the diet! I am excited for them! The other exciting aspect is, I am right on time for my next round of weight-loss! waaa hoo!
But!, the Battle begins.

This is the mind battle of "well I'm not going to get to eat/drink 'that' for the next 30 days, so I will eat/drink 'it' now". Of course I am not talking about celery, spinach and naturally blended vegi-drinks. I'm talking about chocolate, cheese, wine and the likes!!! Foods that would be weight increasers if I ate them in excessive amounts. Of course it wouldn't be a weight increase of 10lbs etc, but that even an increase of 2lbs, is 2lbs.

It's easy for the mind to think "well it won't matter if I gain 2-3lbs, because as soon as I am on the drops and the VLCD I will lose it again."
But then I ask myself why do I want to eat, and possible gain only to have to work at losing it again. Is it worth it? No. This mind battle is showing me that I haven't quite learned how to control the food.

So the battle begins, and I will take these next 3 days to win! The other thing, is when I start this next round of the diet, I will have the two days of 'load in' and can enjoy those foods then. (btw Load in, is where you are to over eat to prepare your body for the transition of the VLCD)

My weight as of now is up 5lbs, which is caused by edema. I hope to use these next 3 days to get my water retention under control, So that I am starting at my lowest weight and my new created set point.

More to come...

Disappearing Diva M

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