Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A New Year

It's been awhile since I have blogged....
Lot's of starts and stops on the diet, with little bits of success. The best success for me is that I have kept all the weight off!
I have begun the drops again and it seems to be working well. I will say with my career and the lovely evenings out with great food and wine, prevent me from being committed 100%, which is what this diet needs.
But, I need to lose the weight: I have a new website to build which will need new photos, which will need a slimmer me! I would like to see another 30lbs come off. This will help me to feel just that much better and look just 'that' much better in my dresses for the photos.

Last fall I had one of my favourite milestones. I lost enough weight to buy a pair of leather boots. Before I started the weightloss my calves were 23" and last fall the shrunk down to 17" and with a lot of effort we got a wide calf boot zipped up! They are beautiful boots, extremely comfortable and I proudly wear them all the time.
I didn't think I would find a pair of cute boots to wear with my short dresses and skirts.... and that dream is now a reality! I look forward to losing more and maybe splurging on a second pair!!

More to come...

Diva M

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We keep going....

Round 3!

As I had said in my previous blog, I started with great determination, but floundered the whole 30 days. My Daughter struggled too. I probably lost a total 10lbs this round and 5 of it being weight I had lost before. But it's a loss, so that's what matters most!

I stopped the drops around the 16th of August and have continued to drop in weight about half to one pound each day. My total weight loss since February 21 is, 56.2lbs!!
As I have finished this last round, my appetite seems to be very slow, and low! It's been great! I have been able to resist eating carby foods and avoiding sweets.

I've decided to allow for things like popcorn and if I'm in a situation where wine is being served, I will enjoy a glass. What I would like to see through these next 30 days is a bit more weight loss and good strong stabilization of my weight.
I feel in control right now, and feel like I will be able to have success.

Looking at my loose flabby skin, I am going to need to start lifting weights and doing things to strengthen my muscles, especially the tummy ones.

Here is a recent photo.... It is a slimmer me, but the camera angle and the bustier really help!

More to come....
Disappearing Diva M

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again....

I was very excited when we started the drops July 16th, this will be our third round. I felt a new determination and excitement for the weight-loss but it frittered away fairly quickly from having family from out of town and spending a "night on the town"! In the first round I was able to go out before and allow things to pass before me and not eat it because I was focused on the weight-loss results for the next day... this time, not so much.

I seem to have one digression each day, usually not so big, but it messes the whole point of the 500 calories. I am not sure what is holding me back from being focused and determined. I have loved the weight-loss results from the first round and semi-proud of the second round. So, it doesn't make much sense to me when I talk myself into eating something that is not part of protocol.

The good side to this, is I seem to be losing inches. Everyone keeps saying I look smaller. The scale is going down, but I am uncertain of what my total is at this point because of taking a flight 7 days ago. The flight caused an increase of about 12lbs of fluid. Most of the fluid has come off, but I can still feel at points through the day when I feel swollen and am retaining water.

Here's to a new weight loss tomorrow....

More to come...

Disappearing Diva M

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Are you still there?"

The little voice recording that plays when you don't select a number on the telephone when you are going through some sort automated service...

and YES! I am still here.... working through the diet successfully!
I am on the 'break' portion again, and have maintained the weight loss from the second round!
We have chosen to do 30 day rounds of each the drops and the maintenance. It's shorter for the break time and makes it easier to track along with cycles etc.

The temperatures are finally starting to resemble summer, and it seems to be helping with my appetite as well. I am working hard at staying away from the unnatural carbs and sugars, and on some days adjusting the food through out the day so that I can enjoy a glass of wine etc.

Our hope for this next round, starting July 15th, is that our home life will be somewhat settled down, so that we can be strict and focused on the diet as we were the first time.

More to come....
Disappearing Diva M

Photo from Victoria Jazz Festival June 25 2011 (size 16 dress)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Good the Bad the Ugly.... But it's the Truth!

I'm at day 28 and I have lost 17lbs this round. I started out great in this round of weight loss, losing 15lbs in 15 days. But after day 15 I could not keep control of the regimented eating plan.

Within my family we had some some stressful circumstances happen, and sadly they are still happening.
This is where I know my struggle is which is unfortunate. When stress hits, I want to look for that feeling from the endorphins that help me relax; which food create for me. I haven't gone over board with the eating every day, but haven't followed the daily protocol. This has resulted in my weight fluctuating up and down through this cycle of the HCG drops.

I have been having a pep talk with myself...
-to encourage myself to be content with the amount of weight loss...
-this is the one area in my life that I can have control... the food and the weight loss!

One thing I can say about the drops is that they work!!! Even through my lack of following the protocol, the drops still prevent me from being hungry. This is encouraging.... I just need to gain the self-control, stay focused and follow the protocol.

I will leave you with a new set of photos to show that the weight is still coming off! woo hoo!!

More to come....

Disappearing Diva M

Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Week Check In

Exciting News!
We've made it through our first 15 days !! The total weight loss between the 3 of us is drum roll please..................

41.4 lbs !!!
Myself and two of my daughters are going through this phase together. We all feel great and are excited for these big totals! My third daughter is on the maintenance phase and lost 20lbs through her phase 2.

I am beginning to feel better with my own self-control, as I had hoped it would happen again for me this round. I guess the second time round the appetite-suppressant takes a bit longer to kick in, which was apparent for me but I found at about Day 10 the appetite suppressant started to work better for me.

Our clothes are getting bigger, but because we are continuing to loose there is no point in buying clothes that fit. This is where we need a plus size consignment store, so as we lose we can trade down our clothes.

Since February 21 2011 I have lost 47.8lbs! It feels great! It's been cool to feel smaller, and to feel my hip bones, (something I didn't know I had hahaha) I will post more photos soon

More to come....

Disappearing Diva M

Friday, May 20, 2011

How many days left?

HA! We are only on day 5 of this phase, 25 days to go. But happily I can say I've lost 6lbs so far. (two of my daughters have started with me and have lost the same amount which equals 18lbs total!)
I seem to struggle at the beginning (some of it is to do with the high amounts of personal stress in my life)but I will try to press on through and get to Day 7. I am not feeling hungry, but still want to snack on something to give that boost to my emotions.
This is very difficult for me, and I hope that it passes, I just want to hunker down like before and stay focused on the weight loss. Last time, once we were well into the phase, we started to forget about food, weird I know, but it happened. So, I will hope that it happens again.
I would like to get to the place where eating a tasty little snack will not be the thing that gets me through a crisis, that I will look for other ways to cope.

At Christmas time I had out-grown my clothes, so I waited for the year end sale to purchase 'fitable' things. I've now out-shrunk those clothes and have bought 2 dresses 4 sizes smaller. woo hoo! One of the dresses is for a special event I have to attend at the end of June, and I would like to go with a few less pounds....
I keep the dress in view to help remind me to... STAY FOCUSED!

More to come
Disappearing Diva M