Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Time Around The Mountain Woopee!

In life there are always lessons to be learned, and if not learned the first time there tends to be another opportunity to learn that lesson. Round and Round the mountain is what I call it. I sort of feel this way doing this second round on the HCG diet, with the exception I feel quite positive heading around this mountain again. Of course it's because I still have more weight to lose.

We are at day 2 of this second round. Day 1 & 2 are called load in days where you eat as much high fat, sugary foods as you can. (annnnd, they call this a diet??)The reason for this type of intake is to wake up and force the metabolism to work hard as well as to have a 'fullness' in your system to last while the body transition to the VLCD.

My first round I don't think I ate enough both days, so this time around I made sure of it. It was hard to eat and keep eating, since my stomach has shrunk from doing the first round and I just can't consume large amounts of food. But, I gave it the college try and walked around feeling like post turkey dinner for the past two days... UG!

In the first round I learned more about my body and how it works and doesn't work with certain kinds of food. After eating 'clean' for 40 days, my body now has the chance to tell me... "ya, we don't like those foods, so don't eat them" I am listening.

I am hoping to have great success with these different drops (different company) and success with learning more about my system, and hoping I correct my metabolism once and for all.

Disappearing Diva M

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