Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Are you still there?"

The little voice recording that plays when you don't select a number on the telephone when you are going through some sort automated service...

and YES! I am still here.... working through the diet successfully!
I am on the 'break' portion again, and have maintained the weight loss from the second round!
We have chosen to do 30 day rounds of each the drops and the maintenance. It's shorter for the break time and makes it easier to track along with cycles etc.

The temperatures are finally starting to resemble summer, and it seems to be helping with my appetite as well. I am working hard at staying away from the unnatural carbs and sugars, and on some days adjusting the food through out the day so that I can enjoy a glass of wine etc.

Our hope for this next round, starting July 15th, is that our home life will be somewhat settled down, so that we can be strict and focused on the diet as we were the first time.

More to come....
Disappearing Diva M

Photo from Victoria Jazz Festival June 25 2011 (size 16 dress)

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