Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We keep going....

Round 3!

As I had said in my previous blog, I started with great determination, but floundered the whole 30 days. My Daughter struggled too. I probably lost a total 10lbs this round and 5 of it being weight I had lost before. But it's a loss, so that's what matters most!

I stopped the drops around the 16th of August and have continued to drop in weight about half to one pound each day. My total weight loss since February 21 is, 56.2lbs!!
As I have finished this last round, my appetite seems to be very slow, and low! It's been great! I have been able to resist eating carby foods and avoiding sweets.

I've decided to allow for things like popcorn and if I'm in a situation where wine is being served, I will enjoy a glass. What I would like to see through these next 30 days is a bit more weight loss and good strong stabilization of my weight.
I feel in control right now, and feel like I will be able to have success.

Looking at my loose flabby skin, I am going to need to start lifting weights and doing things to strengthen my muscles, especially the tummy ones.

Here is a recent photo.... It is a slimmer me, but the camera angle and the bustier really help!

More to come....
Disappearing Diva M

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  1. You look gorgeous Maureen!! Congratulations! Keep up the awesome effort girl! xox